Frequently asked questions

This site lets you earn cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks with your PC or mobile device. It also lets you buy traffic and promote Telegram bots, groups & channels using cryptocurrency.

You must have a Telegram account to use this service.
To get started, send a message to one of our bots on Telegram.

Then, use one of the following commands to start earning:

/visit - earn by visiting web sites.
/bot - earn by messaging other bots.
/join - earn by joining groups/channels.

You can earn more by referring other users to the bots.
You will earn 15% of each user's earnings that you refer.

To buy traffic or promote your own telegram bots & chats, use the /newad command.
Use the /withdraw command while talking to our bots to initiate a new withdrawal.

You will be shown your available balance and the minimum withdrawal amount.
If you have at least the minimum balance required, you will be asked for a withdrawal address.

We do take a fee for withdrawals, however there is a blockchain fee. It is automatically subtracted from your withdrawal amount, and varies depending on the network.

After you confirm your withdrawal, it will be sent within five minutes.
You can track your withdrawal on the blockchain as soon as it's sent.

Use the /history command to see your last five transactions.
Withdrawals are sent within five minutes after requesting them. Use the /history command to see your last five transactions.

To verify that your withdrawal was really sent, visit the URL next to where it says txn: for each transaction.

Consult your wallet provider to find out how long it takes to receive payments.
Each wallet service has different rules for the minimum amount they accept.

We are unable to refund payments sent to the wrong address.